Project Initiation and Industrial Master

We provide all-round support to our clients starting from the genesis of their project:


  • We guide our clients in the constitution of their investment proposals, and in the supervision of potential funders

Legal and Regulatory

  • Review of contracts, branding and licensing arrangements
  • Control and management of regulatory risks
  • Quality and regulatory assurance


  • Supporting our clients’ definition of their business model and commercial strategy.
  • Our customers benefit from our partnerships with trusted suppliers to ensure the supply of raw materials and other production items

Pharmaceutical Strategy


  • establish long-term relationships with our clients’ pharmaceutical teams
  • are a source of proposals for our clients within a shared reflection on long-term pharmaceutical strategy
  • continue to add value to customers’ sites (existing or otherwise) through
    • complementary productions
    • complementary products
    • adding capacity
      • on the same site
      • on other sites
  • define a long-term action plan