Recruitment and Training

Pharma training




  • MPII advises and supports our clients’ recruitment process, in particular by providing our clients with an organisational chart and specifying the required profiles.
  • MPII provides our clients with a list of staff and breakdown by type of position to give our clients a more informed choice.
  • MPII also highlights key profiles and facilitates the search for competent people for key positions.
  • MPII can give feedback on candidates capacity to effectively manage the pharmaceutical and technical aspects of our production units.
  • MPII can also assist through the drafting of a recruitment plan aligned with the general timeline of our client’s project.



  • MPII offers a comprehensive training plan for the project’s managers, covering the following essential areas:
    • Pharmaceutical & regulatory training (GMP)
    • Technical training (industrial tools)
    • Managerial training (plant management and operating procedures)