Layout and Configuration of the Modules

Factory configuration

We provide technical support detailing the configuration of the modules, depending on our clients’ desired function(s):

  • General layout
  • Plans for buildings and different work zones
  • Analysis of the technical, pharmaceutical and industrial environment of the production modules
  • Detailed plans of the different production lines
  • Zoning and flow plans, traffic plans


Our Modules

We offer a range of complete medico-pharmaceutical industrial solutions that address various primary public health concerns:

  • Parenteral solutions (IV)
  • Solid dosage formulations (FS)
  • Solutions of dialysis concentrates (UC)
  • Cartridges Production (CPC and CGC),.
  • Dialysis care centers (CS)

Cartridge manufacturing

IV modules:

  • Small volume sterile parenteral solutions in ampoules (12 million ampoules / year)
  • Large volumes in flexible bags (annual capacities of 6.12 and 20 million bags)

Medicines produced: rehydration, inflammation, pain or fever.


FS modules:

  • Solid dosage formulations in tablets or capsules, packaged in blister packs and boxed.
  • Capacity: from 200 to 300 million tablets or capsules per year
  • Medicines produced:
    • Anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-diabetic, anti-malarial, etc.
    • Antibiotics (amoxicilin, amoxicilin + clavulanic acid)


UC modules:

  • Concentrated acid solutions for hemodialysis
  • Annual capacity of these production units: from 2 million to 10 million liters per year
  • We offer a set of 15 different acid concentrate formulas


The CPC and CGC modules:

  • Intended for the production of bicarbonate cartridges
  • Annual production capacity: from 500K to 4,600K cartridges per year.


Dialysis centers:

  • Equipped with 10, 20 or 30 stations
  • Allow up to 3 daily dialysis sessions